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We have a brand new look, with all the same great information and more!

As we neared 2013, I felt it was time for a complete overhaul on Bluebirdnut.com, to give it a completely new look and feel. Most of the information is the same, with a few additions, corrections, and updates thrown in. Most of the photos have been replaced with new and better ones, and some of the old, irrelevant pages have been removed.

Please have a look around. We'll be adding new pages and features as we go.

Above: Female Eastern Bluebird in Summer - Photo by Cher


Can't forget our old friend,
the Bluebird Nut! He's the guy that started it all!



The Bluebird Nut Cafe is a discussion group sponsored by Bluebirdnut.com and TMB Studios. It's "Where Bluebird enthusiasts gather to discuss all things Bluebird". Ask questions, exchange ideas,  and share Bluebird photos and stories with other folks who love Bluebirds! We take pride in our informal, friendly atmosphere, and welcome both old and new "Bluebird Nuts".


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The "Bluebird Nut" Mealworm Feeder is one of our most popular items at TMB Studios. We started with a suet feeder made by Erva Tools in Chicago, adapted the design to feeding mealworms, and for over a year we hand-crafted these feeders ourselves - until Erva saw that the design was gaining such popularity that they agreed to make the feeder for us. It is available in our online store for the lowest price available anywhere online!