Wally's Woods Cartoons

Cartoonist Dean Norman has been drawing Wally's Woods cartoons since 1992. The cartoon is especially appealing to people who love nature and the outdoors. We recently communicated with Mr. Norman, and discovered that he had a collection of cartoons about Bluebirds, which he generously offered to allow us to place on our website.

Mr. Norman began drawing his Bluebird cartoons never having heard of the importance of predator baffles, so you will notice that his early cartoons depict Bluebird nestboxes affixed to trees or fenceposts without any baffles. However, after attending a presentation on Bluebirds given by Dean Sheldon, he realized that the use of predator baffles were a vital part of good Bluebirding. Thereafter, he drew a cartoon strip series dedicated to the subject of baffling, and began promoting the practice of proper nestbox mounting and baffling in his community.



If you would like to see more of Mr. Norman's work, you can visit his personal website at Wally's Woods.