Bluebird-Friendly Merchandise and Gifts -

Two online stores to serve you:

TMB Studios' Bluebird Shop
our online marketplace, where we are able to offer products of interest to Bluebird enthusiasts and all Bird-lovers. Products include a hand-picked selection of Bluebird Feeders, selective feeders for other birds, nestboxes & accessories, predator and pest control products, birdbaths and spas, Bluebird Jewelry, Bluebird Home and Garden Decor items, Mad Bluebird Merchandise, plus a whole lot more!

Looking for Mad Bluebird items?

The Bluebird Shop carries Mad Bluebird merchandise, plus a whole lot more!


The Bluebird Gift Shop
Here you will find our line of custom-designed apparel, household and gift items with's own designs, such as the New Bluebird Nut, Bring Back the Bluebirds, Blue With a "Tude, and "True Blue".